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Back-to-School Parties: The College Edition

College is back in session around the country, and that means arguably the best part of higher education is back as well: the college party. If you’re looking for some inexpensive and delicious ways to elevate your beer-drinking this party season, we’ve got you covered with snacks and games to complete your college party checklist.

Party Snacks

Soft Pretzels made with Beer
If you’re heading out to a tailgate party or are hosting people at your place to watch the game, these soft pretzels are a classic, and are perfect for soaking up that extra beer you’re consuming. They take a bit of effort, and require an oven, but if you’ve got those two things, you’re sure to whip up something to impress your party goers with something a little more elevated than campus pizza.
Beer and Cheese Party Dip Because no soft pretzel is complete without the beer cheese dip to go with it, here’s a simple recipe using Frio Beer, cream and cheddar cheese, and a ranch seasoning packet. It’s so easy to make and only takes ten minutes to throw together. Serve it alongside your soft pretzels, or, if you’re looking for something even easier, bread, crackers, and vegetables all work too.
Beer Pulled Pork Sandwiches If you’ve got a slow cooker, you’re set for this simple pulled pork recipe made with Frio Beer. A perfect tailgate or lawn party staple, these rich pork sandwiches will please just about any guest, and will accompany your other party snacks perfectly. With minimal prep work and a set it and forget it cooking style, this recipe has got to be the easiest crowd pleaser in our repertoire.

Party Games

Drunk Jenga
A twist on the classic Jenga from childhood, all you need for this upgraded version is a Jenga game, a 30 pack of Frio Beer, and a sharpie. Before assembling the Jenga tower, use the sharpie to write rules on each block. These can be simple like “take two drinks” or “make someone else finish their drink.” Or you can get really creative and come up with fun rules of your own. Once every block has instructions written on it, play the game like normal. Only instead of just being sure the tower doesn’t collapse, players will be strategizing which blocks to pull based on the instruction that’s written. We suggest that whoever causes the entire tower to fall must finish their drink. But it’s your house and your rules. Just have fun with it!
Chandelier A truly classic drinking game, it's likely that your parents played Chandelier when they were in college. This is essentially a modified tabletop version of beer pong, so it’s great for those with small rooms or apartments. Playing is simple: you just distribute plastic cups of beer to each guest. You all sit in a circle around a table with your beer cup in front of you. One full cup of beer should also be placed in the center of the table.
To play, players take turns bouncing a ping pong ball into someone else’s cup. If they are successful, the player whose cup they bounced the ball into has to finish their beer. If the ball lands in the center cup, everyone has to drink, and the player who shot it has to finish the middle cup. If this happens, remember to fill the middle cup again before moving to the next round. When someone misses their shot, whoever catches the ball gets to go next.
Flip Cup This is one of the most popular drinking games, so you likely already know how to play. If not, the rules are easy. Divide your group into two even teams, standing on opposite sides of a table. One player goes at a time. On the count of three, the first player on each team begins by drinking their beer from a plastic cup.
Once they’ve finished their drink, they place the cup on the table with the opening facing the sky/ceiling. Without touching the sides of the cup – most people flick it with their finger – they must flip their cup so the opening is facing down and the cup is still resting on the table. Once they do this successfully, it’s the next player on the team’s turn to do the same thing. Whichever team finishes first, wins.

Other Checklist Items

Before throwing a college party, here are some other things to check off your list:
  • Alcohol supply: you’re not truly hosting a college party without alcohol. Frio Pilsner and Frio Light Light are both great options to please a crowd. Make sure you’ve got your coolers stocked up here.
  • Playlist: Whether you like hip-hop or today’s hits, a party isn’t a party without a fire playlist.
  • Set the mood with lighting: Fluorescent lights give a prison vibe to your party, so unless that’s the mood you’re going for, consider hanging up string lights or using black lights to keep the party flowing and your guests comfortable.
  • Plan for a mess: When young adults and drinking mix, there are bound to be a few mishaps. Set your expectations accordingly and put away anything valuable or breakable before your guests arrive. It may even be a good idea to recruit some clean up help for the next day.

The Perfect College Party with Frio Beer

Whether you’re a college party pro, or are just starting to get your footing, Frio Beer can help. Armed with our party checklist and a case of Frio Pilsner or Frio Light, you’ll be set up for a back-to-school season of fun and lasting memories. Just be sure to drink responsibly. To find your nearest Frio Beer retailer, or to learn more about us, click here.
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