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Beer Games To Play This Christmas

The holidays are finally upon us, which means the time for Christmas parties and gathering with loved ones is here. Nothing says “holiday cheer” like fin-filled beer games to make your holiday parties more interesting and enjoyable. We’ve gathered five of our favorites for you to try at your next festive gathering.

International Drinking Yules

Like House Rules, use these International Drinking Yules to add a festive twist to your next drinking game or party:
  • No first names. Assign everyone a reindeer name instead.
  • No swearing. Players that slip up go straight on Santa’s naughty list.
  • No mentioning the word ‘drink’. ‘Sup’ is a good, Dickensian alternative.
  • No finger pointing. Get those antlers back on.
  • Left-handed glass holding only (right handed for Lefties). It displeases the elves.
  • No empty glasses on the table. That just isn’t Christmas.

Festive Flip Cup

First, divide the party-goers into two equal teams along opposite sides of a table. Instruct each player to fill their cup with Frio Light beer. Players should then place their cup on the table in front of them.
Starting with the players at the top of the table, opposing pairs must race to down their drink. They then place their cup on the edge of the table and race to flip it upside down. Level up this festive crowd-favorite party game by adding a twist at the end. When it’s your turn to flip the cup, chug your beer, and then spin around in a circle as fast as you can before you flip. Once you have successfully flipped, jingle a bell to signify you’re done.
Whoever is slowest to flip and jingle a bell is ejected from the game.

Wreath of Fire

Grab a pack of Christmas cards. Assign each card a Yule rule (see below) then spread out the deck, face down, in a circle around a glass.

Players should then take turns to select a card and abide by the stated rule.

Rules can include the ‘Mary’ rule, where all the women in the group must drink, or the ‘Rudolf rhyme’ where you pick a festive word then go round the circle coming up with words that rhyme. The first person to fail must drink their beer.

Drink While You Grinch

Have everyone sit in a circle and give each player a cup of Frio Light beer. Go around the circle taking turns to say things you hate about Christmas. Stuck for ideas? Drink until you can think of one. The winner is, subjectively, the person with all their drink left.

21 Days of Christmas

Might as well stay in the circle for this one. Players take turns around the circle trying to count to 21. The aim is to avoid being the person who says ‘21’ as whoever does must finish their beer.
Add in festive rules as the game progresses. For example, instead of saying ‘3’, the relevant player must sing the first line of a Christmas carol.
Or, on ‘11’, all players must jump up and create the Nativity Scene. Penalty drinks are allotted to players who mess up or forget rules.

Reinbeer Pong

Start this game by handing out reindeer antler headbands to all players.
Divide everyone into two teams. Each team should take their position at either end of the table.
Have each team set out ten cups of beer in a pyramid formation on the table in front of them.
Taking turns, one member from each team steps up to throw a ping-pong ball into the other team’s cups. If they are successful, their opponent must drink the cup in which the ball landed. The defending team may use their reindeer antlers, and only their antlers, to bat the balls away.
The first team to land balls in all their 10 opponents’ cups are the winners.

Frio Light Beer: The Perfect Addition To Your Holidays

Frio Light Beer has a crisp, clean taste. This delicious and low calorie brew is perfect for drinking games and is light on the stomach. That means you get the same great beer drinking experience while still saving room for holiday treats. We call that a win win.
This season, whether you’re at home roasting chestnuts by an open fire, or you’re heading out to sing yuletide carols with your choir, please remember to drink responsibly.
Frio Beer comes in both Pilsner and Light offerings, ensuring you’ll have something for every one of your holiday guests. To find your nearest Frio Beer retailer to host your best holiday party yet, click here. here.
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