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Game Day Ready: Snacks & Recipes to Pair with Frio Beer

It’s early February, which can only mean one thing: the big game is right around the corner! No matter who you’re rooting for, one thing is for sure: the only way to have an amazing game day party is to serve equally amazing food.
Since it's a safe bet that many of your guests will be enjoying the game with beer, we’ve gathered our favorite beer-inspired recipes and snacks below. Save this post for when you create your shopping list, as these dishes are sure to score a touchdown with your friends and family.
Beer Party Dip
No game-day party is complete without dip! There are so many to choose from–buffalo chicken, seven layer, the one with marshmallows that your aunt always brings–but we’re partial to this cheesy, hoppy spread that pairs perfectly with pretzels, crackers, and veggies. It’s universal appeal will please kids and adults alike–don’t worry, all the alcohol is cooked off during the heating process.

Frio Beer Pairing

If cooking for your big party isn’t your thing (we see you Chef Delivery Service), pick up some snacks that pair perfectly with Frio Beer. From chips and pretzels, to pizza and chicken wings, football snacks and Frio beer go together like peanut butter and jelly. Plus, our light beer is low calorie and offers a clean, crisp taste. It’s so light on your stomach, in fact, that you and your guests can save room for the snacks and enjoy drinking and eating all party long.
Beer Mustard
Whether you’re serving up burgers and dogs, or chewy soft pretzels, your guests won’t say no to this incredible homemade beer mustard. We recommend using brown and yellow mustard seeds for a spicy yet tangy kick that will be sure to elevate your typical game day offerings.
Grilled Beer Bratwurst
Looking for an untraditional show stopper to wow your party-goers? Look no further than these succulent grilled bratwursts made with Frio beer. Not only is this recipe delicious, the brat’s easy-to-hold shape makes it perfect for guests who are preoccupied by yelling at the TV or watching their favorite commercials. Just be sure to buy buns that can stand up to the hype.
Beer-Braised Brisket
If brats aren’t your thing, or you’re from the south where our love for barbecue runs deep, check out this recipe for beer-braised brisket. Made with a can of Frio beer, this brisket takes at least five hours to cook, so be sure to plan ahead. This recipe features caramelized onions and gravy that make this dish a winner.
Beer Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Another perfect game day beer snack, these pulled pork sandwiches are slow cooked with an entire can of Frio beer, and taste like sweet, hoppy goodness. Pair it with a soft burger bun and your party guests will forget all about the game and start cheering for you.
Beer Brownies
No party is complete without dessert, but that doesn’t mean your dessert can’t have beer in it! These moist, chocolatey brownies are made with two powerhouse ingredients: espresso and Frio beer. Check out this recipe if you’re looking to wow your guests for the entire meal. It’s always good to have chocolate to indulge in when your team fumbles the ball or a ref makes a questionable call.

Elevate Your Game-Day Party with Frio Beer

No matter what you’re serving up this year, Frio Beer can kick your party up a notch. With both pilsner and light options, Frio’s brews come highly-rated and pair perfectly with your game day gatherings. To find your nearest Frio Beer retailer, click here.
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