Gift Guide for Beer Lovers

Whether you’re wrapping up your holiday shopping, or need a gift for your favorite beer drinker’s birthday, we’ve got you covered. From the latest can-cooling technology to keepsakes they’ll cherish every time they crack open a cold one, pursue our beer lovers gift guide below and get inspired.

Custom Pet Pint Glasses

Why not combine their two favorite things in one gift they’ll treasure for many sips to come? Artists on platforms like Etsy can take a photo of your favorite beer drinker’s beloved pet and put it on a pint glass. It’s the perfect gift if the only thing they love more than beer is their furry friend.

Can Insulator

Help your beer drinking friend ditch the flimsy koozies. Upgrade them to an insulated can cooler so their last sip is as cold as the first.

Shower Drink Holder

You know your beer-obsessed friend has already included shower beers as part of their hygiene routine. Help them out with a shower beer holder so they can keep their hands free while they lather, rinse and repeat.
Engraved Beer Mug
We think beer tastes best from a frosted mug. Give them the gift that’ll keep on giving with a custom-engraved mug they’ll use for many brews to come.
Make Your Own Beer Kit
If you’ve got a mad scientist on your list, or a beer fanatic that wants to try their luck at cooking up their own brews, there are plenty of make your own beer kits out there. Who knows, they may find their new favorite hobby and will have you and your good idea to thank.
Beverage Cooler
You can never have too many coolers, because one more cooler just means they can bring more beer with them to their next sporting event or camping trip. With options on the market that tout cooling power for up to six days, you can’t go wrong getting the beer lover on your list the gift of time. And cold beer, of course.
30 Pack of Frio Light Beer
We know we’re partial on this one, but we couldn’t leave off the best beer gift of all. A 30 pack of Frio Light Beer is sure to impress (and refresh) any beer lover. To find your closest retailer, visit Add Frio Beer to Your Gift Mix Whether you’re shopping for a beer connoisseur or beginner, beer lovers and casual fans alike love Frio Beer. With both pilsner and light options, our brews make for a great gift and pair perfectly with holiday gatherings. To find your nearest Frio Beer retailer, click here.
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