The History of Beer, Hotdogs, and Baseball

Baseball season is in full swing, and there is nothing more timeless than enjoying a refreshing beer and hotdog at the game.
playing baseball
Every year, Americans put away 7 billion hotdogs during peak season but where did the classic combo of hotdogs, baseball, and beer at the game start?
The tradition dates to 1867, when German butcher Charles Feltman would sell traditional German frankfurthers out of his food cart outside of the MCU park at Brooklyn’s Coney Island.
He would give whit egloves to customers to eat their sausages, but the customers would leave with the gloves, cutting into his profits.
His wife came up with the brilliant plan of serving them out of sliced bread rolls, and the hotdog was born.
Feltman’s hotdogs were a hit! His business quickly expanded to include a restaurant and beer garden, where he served his hotdogs with beer.
A nod to his German roots, hotdogs and beer have been perfect for keeping customers refreshed for hours outside while they watched the baseball game.
Nothing goes better with a hotdog than a good ol’ fashioned beer! We recommend light and refreshing, Frio Beer. At only 92 calories, 0g sugar, and 2.8g carbs.
FRIO isthe perfect beer to enjoy with your hotdog while you watch America’s favorite pastime.
It’s bee nover 150 years since Feltman started the American tradition of hotdogs and beer at the baseball game, and it’s here to stay
. So, fire up the grill, put on the game, and crack opena cold one thisbaseball season!
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